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Make every treatment


Professional Massage

Progressive Results

Welcoming men women family & friends

You are moments away from scheduling a professional massage session worth your time and finances.


Start off with the Susan Brown Signature Massage including healing warm stones to shoulders and neck muscles along with reflexology as relief awaits you. You work hard, you deserve a great massage to move free and do all the fun activites in life you plan.


But get ready to progress with regular massage and reap the great health benefits. Deep Tissue, Deep Muscle Swedish and assessment with R.O.M. range of motion carefully move you forward.


Next you'll find freedom in advanced massage. 

Besides, who can relax when they are in pain?



It's all about you and a licensed therapist who cares and shows compassion for all life's challenges. After a full client intake on the first visit, please add at least 10 to 15 extra minutes, as the session begins only after all paperwork is complete. Thank you and enjoy your moments on this site.


Men, women and family and friends are all welcome.

17 years of age and under requires written parental consent.


The health benefits of regular professional massage include lowering stress and stress hormone cortisol, lowering of blood pressure and anxiety offering a better range of motion and flexability. Recover from strenous activity and sports or come out for pre event therapy. I'll be looking forward to seeing you for all that you want to accomplish.


Be sure to follow along on the facebook fan page for the latest research and updates.


My Day Massage is the place for you.



Thank you.

Susan Brown LMT








The ability to relax isn't easy when in pain or stress and anxiety levels are running on high


Range of Motion
Flexabilty and full range of motion is encouraged through careful assessment




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