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 Healthy Negative Ions

Healthy Negative Ions are provided as part of the session at My Day Massage. The Nikken Air Power 5 emits a high concentration of negative ions which relax breathing and is very helpful to those with allergies and asthma. Your massage therapist is also a Nikken Wellness Consultant offering for purchase the Air Power

5 along with Pi Mag ph balanced water filtration, the Nikken Waterfall. Also available are organic based nutritionals kosher certified, as well as the organic skincare line of products. More information and brief

short videos on each product are available on request.




The Susan Brown Signature Massage just feels so good, right?


The effects of a great massage and bodywork last longer

than just the length of your session. And research has proven

knowing you set the appointment day and time actually starts

the relaxation process.

There is so much more to it. The wellness technology I use in my
practice is so advanced. Each client that comes for their session is
given a pure glass of Pi Water, a living water, energy water. It is
filtered, then optimized. Also, the room during your massage has an

Air Power 5 which creates negative ions. There is no ozone from the
machine itself, making the air very relaxing, pure & clean with the
Energy Star rating. Best of all, there is no extra charge.

All products are available to every client as they build their
wellness home of the future by visiting info on the first link,

and for purchase by the second link. Please call

843-301-1576 to place an order.

Above, beyond and over the top to serve you.

Google negative ions and read for yourself how beneficial they are.

If you need answers to any of the products I use just let me know.

All the Best,








In Philadelphia's Northeastern Hospital, severe burn patients receive some unconventional yet effective treatment thanks to Dr. Kornblueh, who, in 1959, put to the test his belief in the benefits of negative ions. After studying the brainwaves of burn victims suffering severe pain, Dr. Kornblueh found that exposing these patients to a high quantity of negative ions essentially eliminated their pain. In fact, in eighty-five percent of cases, negative ions were so effective that pain-relieving narcotics, such as morphine, were completely unnecessary.

For example, in one instance, a factory worker was rushed to the hospital after suffering second-degree burns to his legs and back. Within minutes of being exposed to negative ions, the pain was gone. The hospital was so convinced of the benefits of negative ions through Dr. Kornblueh's studies that it had negative ion generators installed in all post-operative wards. Throughout the years, the hospital has further found that negative ions do more than deaden pain: they also reduce the risk of infection and promote faster, more complete natural healing of wounds while lifting the spirits of the burn victims.

One of the reasons negative ions are so effective in healing burns is due to the ions' natural ability to remove pollutants from the air. As contaminants such as allergens, bacteria, and viruses are eliminated, wounds are kept cleaner, resulting in decreased irritation of wounds and reduced possibility of infection. Thus, wounds are able to dry out faster and therefore heal more quickly and thoroughly, resulting in less scarring and ultimately reducing the need for skin-grafting.

While negative ions do not actually kill airborne micro-organisms, they do effectively eliminate these hazardous particulates from the air, in the same way that negative ionization works in the earth's natural atmosphere. Upon being released from a negative ion generator, as in the case with a room ionizer, the ions attract to positively charged particulates, including dust, mold, and germs. As these particulates and ions form clusters, they become heavy and fall out of the air to surfaces where they can be disinfected rather than causing infection.

However, it is not only the fact that negative ions effectively remove air pollutants that makes them so valuable in treating burn patients. These powerful ions also promote healing of the body's systems and cells. As negative ions are released from the room ionizer, they circulate in the air, and as they are inhaled, the result is: increased oxygen levels in the blood, relaxed nerves, revitalized cell metabolism, and strengthened the immune system. Together, these effects revitalize the body; thus, supporting and advancing the healing of wounds.

On top of the physical benefits of negative ions, these charged particles promote healing by lifting the spirits of patients. Negative ions, which abound around waterfalls, at the beach, and in the mountains, are actually known to reduce depression and irritability, increase alertness, and improve sleep. Therefore, those patients given the advantage of recovering in a room with a negative ion generator demonstrate a much greater optimism than those who are not exposed to room ionizers.

Over the years, Dr. Kornblueh and his associates have proven that the benefits of negative ions are extensive. With their ability to eliminate air pollutants, promote physical healing, and lift spirits, negative ions offer severe burn patients at Northeastern Hospital - an advantage of which everyone should perhaps be aware. With numerous healing effects, negative ion generators, such as room ionizers, can work wonders in the restorative process of burn victims as well as in anyone exposed to these powerful healers.







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