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Treatments and Prices

Being present for each client enables a massage therapist to know if they are exhausted and need rest or if pain is preventing them to relax inhibiting activity and movement   

The hour session rate $100.00

Added 18% gratuity to evening session times at 5pm

$18.00 on  100. 

$14.40 on    80. age 70 and or disabled clientele

Card fee and website fee  $ 2.00

Rate: $80.00 for disabled and age 70 and above.

All sessions are professional therapeutic massage and bodywork,  incorporating alternative therapy upon discretion of the therapist as follows.

Heat or Ice Therapy

Hot Stones

Magnetic Therapy    850 gauss roll out 

Trigger Point Therapy

R.O.M. Therapy   / range of motion stretching

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

Myofascial Bodywork

Weighted Magnetic Blanket

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